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The idea came to Dr. MacLean while attending the closing talk at the World Audiology Conference. Dr. Harvey Dillon of the National Acoustic Labs in Australia discussed the repackaging of a pediatric auditory training program into a video game format. The purpose was to increase engagement of school aged children with difficulties listening in the classroom. It worked! Kids found the training more engaging and their spatial skills improved dramatically.

Since many adults with hearing aids also report similar difficulties she asked if they were developing a listening game for adults. The short answer was no, and to just have adults use the kid’s game. Because the big problem with all auditory training is that it is boring repetitive work, the suggestion to have adults play a kids game was not a viable solution to Dr. MacLean. She contacted her longtime friend Dr. Marjorie Robbins who suggested talking to her friend Peter Lolley, a veteran of Vancouver’s gaming industry. They collaborated to design a game for adults that incorporates listening exercises to better develop listening skills in noise.